Friday, February 24, 2017

Improvement in Internet Speed on Jio Network at Delhi.

Since I have come back to Delhi on 8th Feb 2017 I  find that Internet Speed has greatly improved at my home. Earlier I could watch videos only during morning upto 7 AM now I could watch them anytime.

One more  good news is the Android version on my Cooldpad Mega 2.5D is upgraded and now the 4GVoLTE phone calls are working fine from Dialer.

The present Data Limit on Jio is  1 GB/day and due to this competition Airtel Broadband has revised the Monthly Data Limit to 30 GB and speed to 16 Mbps at the minimum tariff of Rs 899/month with unlimited free local and STD calls.

Jio has announced that it will charge Rs 303/month for 1 GB/day Data under Prime Subscription from 1st Apr 2017. This is almost 1/3 of what I am paying to Airtel.

Let me see whether Airtel Broadband further reduces Tariff.
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